As a published author, coach, Google Certified educator and a 20 year veteran supporting C-Level suite executives, Nadine King is passionate about seeing her clients grow beyond potential. Her direct approach and no-holds-barred attitude helps to propel high functioning clients further into their potential.

Our coaching supports leaders focusing on their potential to grow in extraordinary ability. During each session, we maintain a high level of expectation for dynamic performance. Our primary concern for all sessions is constant growth and high performance for each client.

Coaching Services Offered:

Level 1: One on One Executive Coaching

Level 2: Business/Administration Consulting/Coaching (Maximum Teams of 4/session)

Feel free to contact us for more details on our coaching services. If you are ready to schedule, please follow the Schedule Us link to schedule your session. 

We will see you on the other side of expanded potential as you pursue.invest.reign in your growth.

Coach Nadine King, Published Author & Pastor, GoogleCE

Coach Nadine King, Published Author & Pastor, GoogleCE